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Guidance Notes

These notes give suggestions for what to write in each section of your destination wiki page:


Placement Information

In this section please give a brief outline of the placement, including the type of placement, whether it is a school or an orphanage or some other form of institution. Include why this placement would be a good choice for someone to make, and the language spoken by the providers. Provide any other information that you think is relevant to the module and the research that you are undertaking.



Please outline different accommodation options. Identify any hotels or hostels you would recommend, and also any information about sources of the latter e.g. local newspapers, student notice-boards and accommodation offices. General guidelines about the quality, location and price of accommodation would also be useful. 



In this section we would like information about the best ways to get to your placement destination. We would also like information about local transport and the links between there and other parts of the country you are in (if applicable). 


Social life

Please discuss the range of social opportunities your destination has to offer. As well as the best bars and nightclubs, you could comment on the quality of the museums and art galleries or the local countryside. Also, mention any clubs or societies you might have joined. Remember again the importance of being positive! You could also outline the types of strategies you have used to meet people and make friends. 


Things to do, things not to do

The focus here is on personal security and safety. For example, are there parts of town you think it might be better to avoid? Also, are there local codes of behaviour such as dress codes, campus norms or expectations around alcohol that you think future students should be aware of? Finally, what do you recommend in terms of banking and financial issues in general? 


Useful Contacts

Please include any useful contacts, addresses, websites and phone numbers. Particularly useful here is information about places to go within the university for information. Also, if you have any advice about what to do and who to contact in the case of a medical emergency, that would also be useful. 


Before you go

In this section you are asked to indicate anything that you would recommend organising before departure. This should include aspects such as insurance cover, managing finance, required documents, etc. There will always be areas that you wish you had considered before leaving the UK. By passing on your experience you will be helping those following in your footsteps avoid the same errors. 



Please include details of any costs incurred for the placement e.g. Travel, accommodation, project costs, immunisations etc. 


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