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Gems Jumeirah Primary School

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Partner institution: Gems Jumeirah Primary School



Contributors (2012):

Ilesha Akhtar

Ruby Azad

Lozina Khanom

Saima Rana



Contributors: for details on what is required in each section, please look at the Guidance Notes


Placement Information



Social life

Things to do, things not to do

Useful Contacts

Before you go


Placement Information

GEMS is a worldwide teaching brand which Jumeriah Primary school is a part of. 

This british international school is one of many where it follows the british curriculam. In being an international school, there is an extreme diversity in nationalities. The language spoken is English, however french and arabic are taught alongside the curriculam. The school can be compared to an english comprehensive school, however it is tuitioned by parents or companies that parents work for much like many of the other schools in dubai.

The main ethos of the school involves harmonising all the different cultures and faiths and respecting one another which is summarised in here 

"An ever evolving experience for ever evolving learners.

At GEMS jumeira primary school, we recognise the uniqueness of each child through a programme of leanring that promotes challenges and personalised education at all levels.

     Through this we enncourage creative and critical thinking alongside stimulating and meaningful experiences. We continually aim to provide an inclusive enabling environment which empowers all children to achieve. Our curriculam celebrates the diversity within our school and equips our children with the skills and attributes required to become active citizens in our international community.

      Our school strives to create a nurturing environment with strong open and positive partnerships between adults, children and the wider community that ensure the wellbeing of all.".

MAIN WEBSITE: http://www.gemseducation.com/MENASA/jps0024/home.php


The school days and hours are sunday- wednesday 7.30am - 2.15 and Thursday is 7.30am - 1.15.



One of the most efficient forms of transport would be the taxis... if you know where your going. Most of the drivers dont have a clue unless you know a specific popular landmark.  Another form would be the metro station: equivelant to our tram lines where you pay according to your distance. It can be confusing but just make sure you get off at the stop you paid for otherwise you'll be in a picle and you will get a fine  :) the best thing to do when leaving for the school is to go past Al Safa Park near the GEMS Jemeriah college.

Social life

There isnt much of a nightlife as it is a muslim country but there are a few places: 

A few of the places we visited a lot was the Jumeriah Beach Resort, Mall of Emrities,Jebil Ali and the marina walk where there are plenty of restaurants and places to sit and relax for the evening. Their weekend is Friday and Saturday so the busiest nights to go out was thursday night and friday.

Things to do, things not to do

As Dubai is a Muslim country they have certain rules which you have to abide by. One of them is women have to make sure that they are dressed appropriately and modestly. Women have to make sure they are wearing dresses or skirts that are at least knee length so that their legs are mainly covered.

They shouldn't wear low cut t-shirts and dresses which are sleeveless which may be too revealing.    

Great places whilst in Dubai to visit are :

 wild wadi- waterpark

safari trip- where you get to go camel riding, henna painting, belly dancing and much more

Jumeriah Beach.

Dubai Museum- this gave us an insight on the background of dubai.

Meena Bazaar- shopping place where you are able to find cheap gifts to bring back home after haggling with the prices.

Burj Khalifa- the tallest building in the world

And finally the many shopping malls that dubai offers such as emirates mall, Dubai mall and ibn Batuta mall.


Useful Contacts

Jumeirah Primary School
Al Safa 1 Dubai,
UAE Telephone:
+971 4 394 3500


Jumeirah Primary School
PO Box 29093
Dubai United Arab Emirates



Before you go

Make sure you know where you are staying as they ask you when you enter the country.

Also, just be prepared to disclose the reasons for your stay because If the reason is 'work' then a visa is needed but if you state 'holiday' then your good to go :) 

You may also be asked by Dubai Immigration team how long and where you are staying so make sure your prepared to answer their questions as it is routine.










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