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Lilliput Montessori Day Nursery

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Partner institution: Lilliput Montessori Day Nursery



Contributors (2012):

Avni Karia

Yasmine Mistry



Contributors: for details on what is required in each section, please look at the Guidance Notes


Placement Information



Social life

Things to do, things not to do

Useful Contacts

Before you go


Placement Information

Lilliput Montessori Nursery integrates both the Montessori Approach and the Early Years Foundation Stage. The children range from 1 year to 4 years old and are divided into two groups; the baby room which constist of children 1-2 years and the toddler room which has children who are 3 and 4 years old.  This setting provides insight into how children learn and develop, where they are encouraged to be independent and make their own decisions.


The images below show the entrance of the nursery, the outdoor space available for the children and the sensory room where children are able to play.






There is not many available accomodation around the nursery.


Premier Inn: Leicester Road, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8HB Telephone Number: 0871 527 8598 Websitehttp://www.premierinn.com/en/hotel/LEIGYN/leicester-north-west?cmp=GLBC  0.8 miles from the nursery


The Railway Hotel is a pub and a hotel, 152 Station Rd, Leicester LE3 8BR Telephone Number: 0116 231 7700    0.4 miles from the nursery 


The nursery is easy to access by car, it roughly costs £4 per day in petrol, there is car parking available at the back of the nursery. Double click the link below to view a map of the area:



The 94 First bus stops near to the nursery, it is approx 30 minute bus journey from the city centre, it costs £4 for a day ticket or £47 for a month pass (these are the prices currently. Here is the website for First Travel Bus http://www.firstgroup.com/ukbus/leicester/


The 40 Centre bus also stops near the nursery but comes every hour and is much a longer journey;approx 50 minutes. A day ticket costs £3.30 and a month pass is £35. Here is the website for Centre Bus Travel http://www.centrebus.info/Pages/default.aspx 

Social life

Within the city centre there are a range of pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants. The newly established Highcross has a variety of shops, restaurants and a delux cinema. There are variety of small retail parks nearby such as Fosse Park and Thurmaston. 

Things to do, things not to do

Things to do:

-Book a visit before placement begins so that you are aware of the setting, times could be arranged and that you can inform the staff members of the purpose of the placement

-Make sure you take a coat with you as you would be required to go outside with the children

-Take pack lunch with you as your break is only 30 minutes and there aren't many shops around the nursery

-If you wish to undertake an activity with children, ensure you inform the staff members so that they can arrange a day within their planning

-Be prepared for long hours and hard work!

-Interact with all the children as each child is unique

-Gain an experience within all rooms

-If you cannot attend ensure that you ring the placement within the morning

-Ensure you have black trousers, black tops and flat shoes as this will be your uniform

-Be polite to children, staff members, parents/carers

-Research the Montessori Approach beforehand


Things not to do:

-Do not be late

-Do not just sit in one place, move around the setting

-Do not be rude

-Do not park at the front of the nursery, there is parking spaces at the back of the nursery

-Do not forget to ask permission when taking photographs or carrying out an activity with children (the research must be ethical) 


Useful Contacts

Lilliput Montessori Nursery

Stamford Street,

Glenfield, Leicester



Telephone Number: 0116 2321319

Email: glenfield@lilliputmontessori.co.uk



Before you go

It is useful to arrange a visit before the placement begins so that you are aware of the location and where there is parking facilities (if travelling by car) and bus stops. During the visit you could discuss the purpose of the placement and what is needed to be gained in order for you to continue with your studies; placement times can also be arranged. It is also important to be aware of the dress code so that you are prepared for when placement begins.









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