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The British International School of New York

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Partner institution: The British International School of New York

Website: http://www.bis-ny.org/


Contributors (2015):

Eleanor Raby-Smith



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Placement Information



Social life

Things to do, things not to do

Useful Contacts

Before you go

Placement Information

If you are lucky enough to go to New York then I would certainly recommend this placement. With it being an international school you will get an amazing mix of teachers and students from literally all over the world. 

The school are so accommodating and welcoming you wont want to leave!! They have lots of placement students so you won't be alone.

The kids are super intelligent so they will definitely keep you on you toes.

The school will make sure you get lessons to plan and students to support, it is a very valuable experience.



New York is very expensive so I would suggest a relative to stay with or friends. If you have either of these go you will not regret it!




The subway goes everywhere!

Taxis are cheap, but tipping isn't!!!!

I would suggest buying a map and walking!



Social life

sadly 21 is the drinking age, but there is so much to see and this city never sleeps so you don't need it!



Things to do, things not to do

Don't but tickets off people in the street! They are more expensive and you have to tip them!

Don't forget to tip!!!!

On times square there is a diner called the starlight diner, as the waiting staff sing to you! ITS AMAZING!




Useful Contacts

The school! The teachers will help you know your way around!



Before you go

Buy a map!

Find things you want to do!






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