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i to i South Africa

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Partner institution: I to I Volunteering South Africa Project

Website: http://www.i-to-i.com/south-africa


Contributors (2015):

Melissa Wilkinson

Raiman Jawaid

Chantelle Waddilove



Contributors: for details on what is required in each section, please look at the Guidance Notes


Placement Information



Social life

Things to do, things not to do

Useful Contacts

Before you go

Placement Information

The placement we worked at was in a Crèche in Masiphumelele township.

Children are aged 2-6, and separated into two different groups. (2-4) and (4-6) and you are able to choose which age group you work with. 

Staff are fairly flexible on what hours you do, however they do not speak much English so this may be a bit hard at first, but after its fairly simple to communicate. 

The currency was Rand, this averaged out at £1 (English pound) to every 17R (Rand)





Volunteer house:

Fish Hoek

sleeps up to 12 people mixed sexed rooms.

equipped with kitchen,  and utensils such as a Microwave, Oven, Kettle and a cheeky little toaster. 

Bedding is provided however you may still want to take your own


Private pool and BBQ area was also within the grounds of the house.

Cleaning took place Monday and Thursday of every week, and the gardening every Thursday.





Taxi buses which cost 7 rand for one way.

Buses which cost 7.5 rand one way.

Taxis for a 45 minute journey costs around 400 rand

Petrol per litter is 10 rand

Trains to go from Fish Hoek to Cape town for 25 rand.



Social life

Everyone is very friendly, you can have and hold a conversation with about everyone.

Most bars will allow you in without ID.

Some places have an entry charge of about 30 rand.

Drinks, always a special offer, doubles are usually cheaper then singles.


Lots to do in terms of social outings, South Africa has a lot to do as groups or even individually such as Safaris.




Things to do, things not to do

A number of shopping malls, witch have a range of schools from designer brands to local shops, also the beaches offer a fantastic day out!

(We recommend visiting Waterfront and Clare Monte)




Paint balling,


Boat trips,


Wine tours,

Robben island,

Table mountain,

Penguin beach.








Useful Contacts

w: www.i-to-i.com

t: +44 (0) 1273 647211

Real Travel Ltd, Olivier House, 18 Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1TL, United Kingdom



Before you go

Many websites show South Africa to be a dangerous place, however after experiencing it first hand you are safe to go out within groups. Try to avoid walking around at night on your own.

Wearing jewellery is perfectly safe. Transport is also safe.


However general knowledge is a must, if someone approaches you at a cash point tell them to move away.

Book Insurance, book flights, check to see of you require any injections.


Make sure you save plenty on money before you go. And take plenty of clothes and suitable foot wear.







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